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The GFP-1600BF is the most flexible stress measurement instrument Stress Photonics offers.  It is a fully automated image-based system capable of capturing full-field stress maps in less than 4 seconds. It uses standard interchangeable camera lenses, a light guide based illuminator and is managed via the DeltaVision control and analysis software. The GFP-1600BF can be easily configured to make any of the basic glass measurements including edge stress, area stress and laminar stress. It is a true general purpose tool.

The GFP-2600 is a real-time photoelastic stress analysis system optimized for live, frame-by-frame stress analysis.  The GPF 2000 is a real-time, full-field stress analysis system. It can be used as a general purpose laboratory system, but it is most often incorporated into other Stress Photonics products or custom installations. The light guide based illuminator can be coupled with a strobe source to provide instantaneous or stop action stress images. The camera head is very compact and is completely solid state.

The EdgeMaster-2 is a photoelastic stress analysis system optimized for measuring edge stresses in clear or tinted glass—with or without black paint, is designed with the Quality Control technician in mind. It is a lightweight, handheld instrument designed specifically to measure edge stresses on automotive glass. The real-time sensor provides immediate full-field stress video for defect inspection. Live compression and tension data can be automatically entered into a central database via the integrated key pad.

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