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Edge stress measurement

made easy


The EdgeMaster-2 is a photoelastic stress analysis system optimized for measuring edge stresses in clear or tinted glass—with or without black paint, is designed with the Quality Control technician in mind. It is a lightweight, handheld instrument designed specifically to measure edge stresses on automotive glass. The real-time sensor provides immediate full-field stress video for defect inspection. Live compression and tension data can be automatically entered into a central database via the integrated key pad.
Optimized for measurements on: 

  • Laminated Glass

  • Black Painted Glass

  • Flat or Curved Glass

  • Clear Glass

  • Tinted Glass

  • Tempered Glass

  • Coated Glass

The EdgeMaster-2 measures the complete edge stress profile including: 
 - Tension Maximum  - Maximum Location - Edge Compression - Zero Stress Point Location

EM2 Data window, showing the stress profile from the edge of the glass inward to 50mm.  Pass/Fail compression and tension values can be adjusted for easy to read operation and efficiency.