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The GFP-1600BF is the most flexible stress measurement instrument Stress Photonics offers.  It is a fully automated image-based system capable of capturing full-field stress maps in less than 4 seconds. It uses standard interchangeable camera lenses, a light guide based illuminator and is managed via the DeltaVision control and analysis software. The GFP-1600BF can be easily configured to make any of the basic glass measurements including edge stress, area stress and laminar stress. It is a true general purpose tool.


The GFP-2600 is a real-time photoelastic stress analysis system optimized for live, frame-by-frame stress analysis.  The GPF 2000 is a real-time, full-field stress analysis system. It can be used as a general purpose laboratory system, but it is most often incorporated into other Stress Photonics products or custom installations. The light guide based illuminator can be coupled with a strobe source to provide instantaneous or stop action stress images. The camera head is very compact and is completely solid state.

2600 3.png

Each one of our glass inspection products can be fitted to a custom test stand.  Each system is designed with your process in mind, adding efficiency to your process and ease of use to your demonstration.  

Systems can be configured for light transmission (transparent samples) and reflection (opaque samples). Large illumination areas are also available upon request.  Contact us for more information.

Transmission style test stand using a GFP-1600BF