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The Two Position Zoom Lens by Stress Photonics is an excellent tool for the thermographer who is interested in high spatial resolution. Designed for use with the DeltaTherm Stress Measurement System, the lens is also compatible with a wide range of IR cameras. Click the photo above to view close up photos of the lens.

The Two Position Zoom Lens is simple to use. Just set the lens to the broad field-of-view position for easy aiming and focusing, then rotate the lens into the zoom position. The area of interest will remain in focus but will be magnified 5X.

Anodized aluminum construction

The bayonet mount attaches easily to a wide variety of infrared cameras, including Stress Photonics' DeltaTherm and Raytheon's RADIANCE line of cameras.

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IR Image
Above are examples of Two Position Zoom Lens data images. Click on the image for information about the example or to view an enlargment of the data.

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(Typical for a 128 x 128 FPA with 40 µm detectors on 50 µm centers.)
Spatial Resolution: Broad: 112 µm (4.41 x 10-3in.)
Zoom: 22 µm (8.66 x 10-4in.)
Wavelength Range (trans. > 90%): 3-5 µm
8-12 µm (option available)
f Number: Broad: f/2
Zoom: f/4
Image Size: Broad: 14.3 mm x 14.3 mm (0.563 in. x 0.563 in.)
Zoom: 2.8 mm x 2.8 mm (0.11 in. x 0.11 in.)
Magnification: 5X
Working Distance: 5 cm (2 in.) Broad and Zoom
Vignetting Effects (in corners): Broad: < 10%
Zoom: < 15%
Mount: Bayonet
Size: Length: 29 cm (11.375 in.)
Width: 6 cm (2.38 in.)
Height: 8 cm (3.15 in.)

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Stress Photonics Inc.
  • DeltaTherm


  • Aurora
  • Series 7000 camera heads
  • Model 4128, 4256, 5128, and 5256 cameras built in 1993 or later.

The Two Position Zoom Lens is also compatible with IR cameras from Santa Barbara Focal Plane as well as other manufacturers.

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Please refer to the TSA Contact section for ordering information.

Click here to view a PDF of the Two Position Zoom Brochure.

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