1 - Intro
2 - Active Heating Concept
3 - Reduction of Emissivity Effects
4 - Flaw Detection
5 - Mathematics
6 - Current Research

Although the data sets demonstrating the fundamentals of Coating Tolerant Thermography were collected by projecting stationary radiation adjacent to cracks, a more complete system involving moving patterns of thermal radiation is currently being constructed and tested. The final product will project slowly moving line patterns that comb the structure for cracks. The gradient data will be collected only in the region where gradients are induced (shown below).

Mulitple Stripe Method
Multiple Stripe Method

The positive slope data will be normalized and added to the image buffer; the negative slope data will be normalized and subtracted from the image buffer. The resultant thermal data will be placed in an image buffer for delamination or soil detection. Work is being conducted on timing, energy levels, and data analysis.

Current research is being funded under SBIR contract with the Federal Highway administration with cooperation from the Wisconsin DOT and NASA.

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